Columbia Univesity to replace student bookstore with Columbia Sportswear

Pictured: A focus group struggles to differentiate between logos (March 2022)

NEW YORK CITY – Columbia University has announced plans to close its university bookstore in the summer of 2022.

The university bookstore – located on the first floor of Lerner Hall on 2922 Broadway – was a hub of Columbia University apparel and merchandise for decades.

The university’s Director of Communications, Miriam K. Beyer, said students and alumni will still be able to purchase apparel with Columbia’s name on it at any Columbia Sportswear store.

“If you think about it, we’re not losing our student store. We’re saying now you can get Columbia University attire and merchandise at any outlet mall in America.”

Miriam K. Beyer, Director of Communications at Columbia University
Pictured: An admissions event on Columbia University’s campus. Or a Columbia Sportswear promotion table. Our fact-checkers weren’t really sure if there’s ever been a difference.

Last Friday, the university’s legal department threatened legal action against any individual or business that uses Columbia Sportswear attire at promotional events not associated with Columbia University.

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