Harvard Stadium to undergo $210 million dollar renovation

Harvard Stadium

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — The first stadium built for college football is scheduled also to become one of the most expensive stadium renovations of all time.

The $210 million renovations will include seating capacity expansion, installation of VIP suites, and an external face-lift.

“People come to Harvard for the sports. Do you really expect to get a ticket for the Harvard-Yale football game when our stadium’s seating capacity is a mere 30 thousand? The University of Alabama’s stadium can seat over 100 thousand.”

Harvard University Athletics Director Erin McDermott

Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987, many are surprised the 119-year-old stadium is getting a face-lift. After all, the purpose of buildings and structures being recognized as National Historic Landmarks is to preserve cultural heritage deemed to be of national importance.

Harvard Athletics Director Erin McDermott says the renovations will make the stadium look “even more historic.”

Harvard hopes the stadium will become even more versatile. New functions of the stadium are to include re-enactments of famous battles, animal hunts, and public executions.

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